Symptom: Colon Cancer

    Signs and symptoms of colon cancer tend not to be specific. In other words, the signs and symptoms can occur due to a number of different conditions. When colon cancer is detected in its early stages, it may not have even caused symptoms. Symptoms can also vary according to the specific location within the colon where the tumor is located.

    Some symptoms and signs of colon cancer are

    • rectal bleeding or blood in the stool,
    • dark-colored stool,
    • change in bowel habits,
    • change in stool consistency,
    • constipation,
    • diarrhea,
    • narrow stools.

    Abdominal discomfort or pain, cramping, or bloating may occur. Abdominal pain, discomfort, gas, or cramps may also occur in some people. Nonspecific symptoms of colon cancer can include

    • weight loss,
    • fatigue,
    • weakness,
    • shortness of breath.


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