Symptom: Gastric Squeeze

    Gastric squeeze, or gas in the gut, often occurs while diving as air inside the body swells during descent and expands during ascent. Other causes of gastric squeeze may include drinking carbonated beverages before diving, eating beans before diving, chewing gum during diving, or repeatedly equalizing the ears with the head down.


    Symptoms of abdominal squeeze include the following:
    • Abdominal fullness, abdominal cramps, pain, belching, and flatulence occur.
    • Rarely, gastric squeeze may cause a diver to pass out or may result in gut rupture.


    Medical Author: Scott H Plantz, MD, FAAEM Medical Editor: N Stuart Harris, MD, MFA Medical Editor: Francisco Talavera, PharmD, PhD Medical Editor: James Kimo Takayesu, MD


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